EMBO Workshop on Modularity of signaling proteins and networks

EMBO Workshop on Modularity of signaling proteins and networks


Startzeit: Sonntag 14:00 (16 September)
Endzeit: Freitag 11:00 (21 September)


Signaling networks exhibit exceptional complexity and robustness and a key underlying principle is system modularity, which operates across multiple scales. At the cellular level, signaling networks exhibit spatiotemporal modularity with regulatory decisions being made by dynamic macromolecular complexes. At the heart of these complexes are proteins with remarkably fine-grained structure-function modularity. Understanding the design principles operating across these multiple scales requires interdisciplinary research.

Since 2001, workshops have been periodically held in Seefeld, Austria, to discuss the latest developments in modularity in signaling. These workshops are unique in their emphasis on the common principles underlying signaling, as opposed to focusing on specific systems or mechanisms. The workshops have been unsurpassed in their inclusiveness and openness, aiming to expand collaborative opportunities and foster active participation at all career stages. The 2018 EMBO Workshop will cover contemporary interdisciplinary signaling research ranging from molecular and computational approaches to applications in disease, which will enable the rational manipulation of signaling to improve human health.